Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys' commercial litigation experience includes cases involving antitrust, banking, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, class actionconsumer protection, director and officer liability, disgorgement, forfeiture, fraud, partnership, professional malpractice, RICO, securities, shareholder derivative and unfair trade practices claims.

Examples of our attorneys’ successes include:

  • Attachment of proceeds derived from fraudulent credit instrument on behalf of a major financial institution with the bank ultimately obtaining a full recovery.
  • Complete recovery of inheritance on behalf of beneficiary of an estate plus an award of attorneys’ fees and disallowance of an administrator’s statutory commission from an administrator who absconded with the estate’s assets.
  • Multi-million dollar jury verdict on a counterclaim for distributor’s wrongful termination of the parties’ distribution agreement.
  • Summary judgment dismissing a complaint against a trade association alleging that the trade association had facilitated a group boycott and conspired to monopolize.
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