Victim Rights

Victims of federal crimes have substantial rights under the Crime Victims Rights Act (“CVRA”).  Under certain circumstances, the CVRA allows crime victims to obtain judgments for restitution against convicted defendants as well as influence the plea bargain process.

The firm pioneered use of the CVRA to protect consumers who were the victims of an antitrust crime.  Through our efforts, the firm was able to persuade the government to demand probation for a financially shaky corporate defendant.   The government attorney noted our value:

“We did listen to what they had to say. As a result of what they had to say, we ensured — and we took great order of time, of the Court’s time, …  — to ensure that probation was a portion of the plea agreement, which as Your Honor indicated at the time of the hearing, you did not believe was a part of it.  That was a critical issue on the part of the petitioners in this case: to ensure that probation was established.”

The will employ all tools available that allows for maximum recovery in the least amount of time and with the least amount of expense.

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