Antitrust and Consumer Protection

We have particular expertise representing victims of antitrust, consumer protection and unfair and deceptive trade practice violations.

Class Actions

Class actions allow victims harmed by the same conduct to pursue their claims collectively under certain circumstances.  This aggregation of claims makes compensation possible even though it would be economically infeasible for a victim to pursue his claim individually.

Our expertise has been judicially recognized.

Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys are experienced in representing businesses and individuals who have been injured in their commercial dealings. This experience includes cases involving antitrust, banking, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, class action, consumer protection, director and officer liability, disgorgement, forfeiture, fraud, partnership, professional malpractice, RICO, securities, shareholder derivative and unfair trade practices claims.

Victim Rights

Victims of federal crimes have substantial rights under the Crime Victims Rights Act (“CVRA”).  Under certain circumstances, the CVRA allows crime victims to obtain judgments for restitution against convicted defendants as well as influence the plea bargain process.

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